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Good citizens in our communities

Inspire Brands is committed to making a positive impact across America.

Our Impact State-by-State








New Restaurants Built


which created

New Jobs

Economic Impact


Funds Donated to Philanthropy

Funds Donated
to Philanthropy

Impact Nationally




Our brands are supported by a dedicated and talented workforce of company team members and franchise employees. We are proud to provide opportunities for our people to be successful across so many levels.



Our franchisees are made up of local, regional, and national multi-unit operators — many of whom have been with our brands for several generations. Like Inspire, our franchisees are job creators, philanthropists, and long-term investors across hundreds of communities.



We strive to create great places to work that are flexible, inclusive, and provide meaningful growth opportunities.

New jobs created


In 2023, the 660+ new restaurants that Inspire and our franchisees built created more than 12,700 new jobs in communities across the U.S.

economic impact in communities


Inspire’s direct economic impact in the U.S. in 2023 was more than $11 billion, which includes investments in restaurant development as well as team member wages and taxes paid.

Funds raised for philanthropy


As Good Citizens, we strive to elevate each other and the communities we serve. With compassion, possibility, and a champion’s spirit, we are making a difference.


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Data and Calculations

  1. All numbers reflect data for our Arby’s®, Baskin-Robbins®, Buffalo Wild Wings®, Dunkin’®, Jimmy John’s®, and SONIC® restaurant systems, including in most cases both franchised and company-owned restaurants, from January 1, 2023 through fiscal year end. Franchised restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees, who make their own decisions concerning employment matters and the development and operation of their restaurants.
  2. Jobs figures reflect the approximate number of employees who work for the franchised and company-owned restaurants in our systems, as well as corporate employees who work for Inspire Brands’ Support Centers. For in-restaurant workers, we estimated the total number of workers at each restaurant as 19 jobs per Arby’s restaurant, 18 jobs per Baskin-Robbins, 51 jobs per Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, 25 jobs per Dunkin’ restaurant, 25 jobs per Jimmy John’s restaurant, and 24 jobs per SONIC restaurant. Workers at the franchised restaurants are employees of the applicable franchisee, not of Inspire or its affiliates, and franchisees determine the actual number of jobs at their franchised restaurants. Franchisees make all decisions concerning and have sole control over the hiring and firing of their employees and the terms and conditions of their employment. For our Support Center employees we estimated the number of Inspire employees, including all of Inspire’s “out-of-restaurant” field team members for each brand, as of fiscal year end 2023. Each employee is allocated to the state in which his or her “home base” support center is located. We are unable to estimate the number of “out-of-restaurant” workers that our franchisees employ, so these figures do not include any of these workers.
  3. New Restaurants Built figures reflect the number of new restaurants opened in 2023 in our systems. These new restaurants do not include restaurant rebuilds or relocations.
  4. New Jobs Created figures reflect the approximate number of jobs generated as a result of new restaurants built in our systems during 2023 using the estimates described in note 2. These new restaurants do not include restaurant rebuilds or relocations. For franchised restaurants, the franchisee determines the actual number of new jobs that each new restaurant generates.
  5. Economic Impact figures reflect the approximate funds invested in both remodeled restaurants and new restaurants by Inspire and franchisees and in approximate restaurant employee wages paid by Inspire and franchisees in 2023 for our systems. We estimated the cost of an average newly developed restaurant or restaurant remodeling/rebuild for each brand to calculate the approximate funds invested in each location.  These estimates also include the sales and use, building & occupation, property, payroll, income, and franchise taxes paid for the most current reporting year by Inspire Brands for company-owned restaurants. We are unable to estimate these taxes for franchised restaurants. To calculate approximate restaurant employee wages paid, we estimate the wages paid per restaurant per year for each brand and multiplied that by the number of restaurants for each brand per state. For franchised restaurants, the franchisees determine the actual number of jobs and the actual wages paid to all employees. We are unable to estimate the wages paid to the “out-of-restaurant” level workers that our franchisees employ, so these figures do not include any of these wages.
  6. Funds Donated to Philanthropy reflects the funds that Inspire and franchisees contributed to each brand’s sponsored national philanthropic initiatives in 2023. Funds do not reflect in-kind contributions that restaurants give locally or the individual philanthropic efforts of franchisees that are separate from Inspire and our brands’ national initiatives.
  7. Some figures on this site are estimates. While we believe that our assumptions and methods of estimation are reasonable and accurate, estimates are inherently uncertain.  The actual amounts spent, jobs created, or other figures on this site might be higher or lower than the estimates.
  8. This site is intended to provide information to the public about the positive impact that Inspire and our systems have in their communities across the United States. It is not intended for use or reliance by investors, prospective investors, franchisees or prospective franchisees.