We have a responsibility to drive sustainability across our foods and restaurants in ways that are mutually beneficial to society and our business.

Our Restaurants

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Reduction in total energy - icon
reduction in total energy
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decrease in water usage
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in energy-related cost savings


Arby’s commitment to environmental stewardship has made it a leader in the restaurant space when it comes to energy efficiency and reducing related costs. Through small improvements and long-term investments, the brand has achieved a 21% reduction in total energy and a 14% decrease in water usage from 2011 to 2018, resulting in $50 million in energy-related cost savings across Arby’s company-owned restaurants.

Buffalo Wild Wings

In 2019, Buffalo Wild Wings leadership made the decision to shift to reusable dishware in all franchise and company-owned sports bars, thereby eliminating 700 million individual pieces of paper and plastic from annual use. Additionally, the brand implemented an LED retrofit on kitchen lighting in all company-owned sports bars, saving more than 5.2 million kilowatt hours of energy and $520,000 each year.

Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant illustrated
Paper and plastic eliminated - icon
individual pieces of paper and plastic eliminated from annual use in 2019
Kilowatt hours saved each year - icon
kilowatt hours saved each year by installing LED lighting in restaurant kitchens
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of restaurant electricity needs covered by solar panels in select restaurants
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savings on electricity costs thanks to exterior LED lighting in company-owned restaurants


Taking advantage of its unique building format, Sonic has installed solar panels atop drive-in stalls in several restaurants across the country; they now derive 15-20% of electricity needs from solar energy. Additionally, the brand extended an LED outdoor lighting initiative to more than 95% of its company-owned restaurants, resulting in a 50-75% savings on electricity costs.

Our Food

At Inspire, quality is central to how we approach product development. Our brands are incorporating high-quality ingredients across their menus while still delivering value for their guests.

Buffalo Wild Wings

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  • Just one of variety of high quality proteins on the menu, Arby’s beef brisket is smoked over real hickory wood for at least 13 hours by a family-owned Texas smokehouse.
  • Arby’s works alongside multi-generational, family-owned bakeries to develop and source the majority of its breads.
  • Arby’s Fish Sandwiches are made with wild-caught Alaskan Pollock that is sustainably sourced based on the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative’s benchmark.

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  • Each year, Buffalo Wild Wings serves more than 1.5 billion fresh, never frozen traditional and boneless chicken wings handspun in signature sauce or seasoning.
  • The new Buffalo Wild Wings burger platform features 100% fresh, never frozen ground beef.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings team members handmake fresh pico de gallo in-restaurant each day.

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  • Sonic only uses rich and creamy Real Ice Cream that, unlike soft-serve, meets the official FDA standard of identity for ice cream.
  • Crispy onion rings are hand breaded and fried in-restaurant daily.
  • In 2018, Sonic debuted the Signature Slinger, a blended burger containing real beef, 25% mushrooms, and under 350 calories.

Part of ensuring the quality of our food is partnering with suppliers who uphold positive industry practices. While we are in the process of enhancing our food sustainability measures and setting forward-looking goals, Inspire and our brands are already addressing several major issues.

Animal Welfare Audits

Our brands require suppliers of beef, pork, chicken and eggs to ensure animal welfare audits are conducted. Those audits are subject to verification and review during supplier audits and any time requested by Inspire.

Use of Antibiotics

Our brands also follow all applicable FDA guidelines related to antibiotic use. This includes the judicious use of antibiotics, under the supervision of a veterinarian, to prevent or treat illness in the animals.

Use of Cage-Free Eggs

Inspire has committed to finalizing 100% sourcing of cage-free eggs by 2025, with phased implementation timing for Arby’s and for Sonic related to volume of eggs used. Eggs are not served at, nor sourced for, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Use of Artificial Colors

Inspire ensures all ingredients are in compliance with regulatory standards, including artificial colors. We have removed artificial colors in some products and continue to evaluate the feasibility of potential replacements for artificial colors in other products.

Our Aspirations

Green Earth - icon

Operate our restaurants more efficiently by identifying opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption as well as associated costs.

Packaging - icon

Drive innovation around our packaging with the aim of utilizing more sustainable materials.

Quality food - icon

Continue to bring quality food to our menus through industry-leading product innovation and strong supplier partnerships.

Enhance food sustainability - icon

Enhance food sustainability measures across our brands by sharing best practices, leveraging our collective capabilities, and driving forward new goals.