People First

People First ties together Inspire’s initiatives to attract, develop, and retain the best talent into four action-oriented pillars: New Team Member Recruitment, Upward Mobility in Restaurant Operations, Career Path Opportunities in the Support Center, and Good Citizens in Our Communities.

9 out of every 10 Americans lives within 10 miles of one of our restaurants, making Inspire a source of economic opportunity and professional advancement for millions of people.

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new jobs created in 2023

We believe that the restaurant industry is America’s best place not just for a first job, but for a career. From data scientists and financial planners, to supply chain analysts and talent marketers, Inspire is driven by a team of hundreds of thousands of people who are changing the way people eat, drink, and gather around the table.

people first

New Team Member

  • Inclusive Recruiting
  • Greater Access to Diverse Candidates

Upward Mobility
in Restaurant

  • Leadership Development & Career Pathing
  • Mentorship/Sponsorship

Career Path
Opportunities in
Support Centers

  • Visibility to Opportunity
  • Leadership Development Programs and Support

Good Citizens in
our Communities

  • Programmatic and Financial Support of Youth Empowerment
  • Work Study

Foundational to all
people first pillars

Respect Policy

Defines how we treat each other and how you should expect to be treated.

Unconscious Bias Training

Helps identify biases and provides guidance on how to better understand fellow team members.


Regardless of whether our team members stay with us long-term or decide on a different path, we are committed to providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Through programs like Brand Champ, Inspire U, and the Inspire Leadership Development Program, we are empowering our team members to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Brand Champ

Brand Champ is a purpose-driven workshop designed to help inspire and empower each and every team member to deliver on our brand’s purpose, set actionable goals, and explore how they can make a difference in the lives of others.


team members have participated
in Brand Champ since 2014

Inspire U

We are investing in our general managers through Inspire U, a program that develops skills and behaviors beyond day-to-day job responsibilities — skills like situational leadership, developing talent, and building culture, as well as concepts in areas like finance and marketing.


hours of Inspire U
training since 2015

Leadership Development

Designed for new managers in our Support Center, the Leadership Development Program is a year-long seminar that builds management and leadership skills through exercises on personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, and team building.


of team members received a promotion
following participation in the program

Ignite Workshops

Once a year, senior leaders from Inspire and our brands gather virtually or in-person for a workshop aimed at helping our teams more effectively communicate and collaborate. The Ignite Workshop is an opportunity to align Inspire leadership on our collective goal: to accelerate the growth of our business while fostering a best-in-class work environment for our team members.

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